Nigerian Gospel Sensation Sinach Brings Hope to Mulago Children’s Cancer Ward

Nigerian gospel singer, Sinach

In a heartfelt display of solidarity, renowned Nigerian gospel singer, Sinach Okoro, on September 7 2023, paid a visit to the Children’s Cancer Ward at Mulago Hospital, Uganda. Her visit was a heartwarming gesture of support for both the young cancer patients and their parents as they navigate the challenging journey of childhood cancer.

The Mulago Children’s Cancer Ward, which has been providing specialized care for pediatric cancer patients for 12 years, stands as a beacon of hope. Over the years, it has witnessed remarkable success stories of children who have overcome cancer, as well as the heart-wrenching loss of those who bravely battled the disease.

One of the touching traditions at the ward is the ringing of the “bell of hope” by children declared cancer-free. This symbolic act not only celebrates their triumph but also inspires courage and resilience in their fellow young fighters.

Dr. Joyce Balagadde Kambugu, the head of the Division of Pediatric Oncology, highlighted the importance of early cancer detection and treatment in children. She pointed out that while cancer can affect children in various ways, leukemia remains one of the most common childhood cancers. Dr. Kambugu stressed the urgent need for increased support in the management of childhood cancer.

One pressing request from the Mulago Children’s Cancer Ward is the release of Uganda’s National Cancer Control Plan by the Ministry of Health. Such a plan would facilitate collaboration across sectors to combat childhood cancer more effectively.

Dr. Kambugu expressed the desire for a school to be established within the ward, ensuring that children can continue their education while receiving essential medical treatment.