Speaker Calls Out Absent Ministers, Warns of Consequences

Anita Annet Among

Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, has publicly addressed the issue of ministers who have been absent from plenary sessions, revealing that some are avoiding attendance due to personal preferences. While chairing Plenary on September 7 2023, she firmly asserted her position as Speaker and assured them that she will remain in her role until the end of the 5-year term.

During a recent plenary session, more than 20 ministers were in attendance, marking a significant shift after a previous session where no executive members were present. Speaker Anita Among acknowledged reports of certain ministers avoiding sessions because of their personal feelings toward her. She encouraged them to attend while making it clear that she would continue as Speaker until the term’s end.

However, she issued a warning to all ministers, emphasizing that their attendance would be a crucial factor in the approval of the next Cabinet. The Speaker expressed concern that ministerial absenteeism had hindered the work of Parliament.

Members of Parliament (MPs) raised their concerns about ministers’ conduct, calling for transparency regarding their reasons for not attending sessions.

In response, the third Deputy Prime Minister, Lukia Isanga Nakadama, offered an apology to the house and fellow ministers, promising improvements in time management. MPs pressed her to commit to ensuring that ministers would not abandon parliamentary sessions, a commitment she was unable to make.