Rising Fuel Prices Prompt Concerns and Calls for Government Action


Transport operators are worried because the prices of fuel are going up. Currently, a liter of petrol costs between UGX 5100 and UGX 5430, and diesel is between UGX 4999 and UGX 5200. These prices used to be more stable, but they have been rising in the past few weeks.

One fuel trader, Daniel Mushabe, says the increase in prices is because some countries that produce oil, like those in OPEC, are not producing as much. He also says that the value of the dollar compared to the local currency is making things more expensive.

However, the State Minister for Minerals, Peter Lokeris, believes that fuel prices will come down because there is enough fuel available.

The National Bureau of Statistics recently said that inflation, which measures how prices are going up, had gone down a bit. However, with the current situation, it might go up again.