Police Call for Vigilance Amidst Terror Alerts

SSP Bashir Ssempala

Kampala Metropolitan Community Liaison Officer, SSP Bashir Ssempala, has issued a call for increased vigilance in response to recent terror threats in the country.

Speaking on NBS Morning Breeze, he characterized the security situation in the country as being under control, describing recent developments as relatively mild. He also revealed that some of the individuals arrested in connection with the terror threats have links to the ADF (Allied Democratic Forces), a known terrorist group.

Former legislator Fungaroo Kaps Hassan emphasized the police’s responsibility to protect both people and property, urging them not to be selective in their application of terror controls. In response, SSP Bashir Ssempala stressed the importance of not politicizing terror threats, highlighting that terrorism is a global issue and referencing past terror attacks in Uganda, where innocent people were targeted while watching football.

Kaps Hassan commended the Police for their efforts and suggested that the police engage with opposition figures. SSP Bashir Ssempala responded by emphasizing that the police do not discriminate in their engagements, as security issues transcend political boundaries.