Robert Kyagulanyi’s Eastern Uganda Campaign: NUP President Mobilizes Support Amidst Enthusiastic Crowds

Robert Kyagulanyi

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, the President of Uganda’s National Unity Platform (NUP) Party, embarked on a triumphant nationwide mobilization campaign in Eastern Uganda, making a significant impact as he visited Mayuge Town and Bwondha Town Council.

A Warm Welcome in Mayuge Town: Hundreds of enthusiastic NUP supporters gathered to welcome Robert Kyagulanyi as he made his entry into Mayuge Town. His first order of business was the inauguration of the NUP District offices.

Traffic Chaos and Foot Journey: The excitement was so palpable that it caused temporary traffic paralysis along the Musita-Mayuge road during mid-morning. The journey from Musita to Mayuge Town, which should have taken a short time, extended to more than three hours due to the heavy traffic. At certain points, Kyagulanyi even abandoned his vehicle and continued on foot for some distance.

Mayuge Town Rally: In Mayuge Town, Kyagulanyi was greeted by massive crowds, closely monitored by the police and UPDF personnel who had been deployed since early morning. He officially opened the new NUP Party offices for Mayuge district, symbolizing the party’s commitment to strengthening its presence in the region.

Public Rally at Masjid Jamia Grounds: A pivotal moment during the campaign was a public rally held at Masjid Jamia Grounds in Mayuge Town. At this gathering, Kyagulanyi officially welcomed former NRM Members of Parliament, including James Woira Kyewalabye Majegere and Robert Ntende, who recently joined NUP. Their defection marked a significant political development.

Condemning UPDF Fisheries Protectorate: Robert Kyagulanyi didn’t shy away from addressing pertinent issues. He publicly condemned the UPDF Fisheries Protectorate unit for their alleged torture of fishermen, purportedly under the guise of combating illegal fishing. This stance reinforced his commitment to addressing pressing concerns within Uganda’s communities.

In his remarks, Kyagulanyi emphasized the core reasons behind his nationwide mobilization campaign. He highlighted its role in reawakening his supporters and refocusing their efforts on the struggle for change and social justice.

Furthermore, Kyagulanyi shared that his petition to the International Criminal Court (ICC) against President Museveni’s regime, citing gross human rights abuses, was a significant factor contributing to the security forces’ non-interference with his countrywide mobilization campaign.

Bwondha Landing Site Rally: After the successful events in Mayuge Town, Robert Kyagulanyi proceeded to Bwondha Landing Site, where he continued to rally support and engage with the local community.

This campaign event in Eastern Uganda showcased the NUP’s dedication to expanding its reach and resonating with citizens. Robert Kyagulanyi’s ability to draw massive crowds and address pressing issues reflects the ongoing political developments in Uganda.

The NUP President’s commitment to his supporters and his bold stance on human rights issues and political change are poised to play a pivotal role in Uganda’s evolving political landscape.