Uganda and Rwanda Collaborate to Enhance Border Security and Infrastructure

Uganda and Rwanda Collaborate

Uganda and Rwanda have joined forces to strengthen border security and improve infrastructure at key border points as part of efforts to combat illegal entry and enhance bilateral relations. Officials from Uganda’s Ministry of Internal Affairs held a meeting with their counterparts from Rwanda’s immigration department and diplomats, during which they agreed to operationalize the Kiziinga-Rwempasha border crossing.

This collaborative effort follows a previous meeting in Kigali earlier in the year, where various issues, including the enhancement of bilateral relations, were discussed between officials from Uganda and Rwanda.

Gen. Joseph Musanyufu, the Permanent Secretary of Uganda’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, emphasized the importance of bolstering the immigration departments of both countries to address the challenges posed by porous borders effectively. He commended Rwanda for its cooperation, particularly in information sharing and cloud control at the Mirama-Kagitumba border point.

Given the increasing concerns related to porous borders, the two nations are committed to improving the infrastructure and services at existing legal border points to enhance security and facilitate smoother cross-border movement for people and goods.

As a significant step in this direction, officials will reopen the Kiziinga-Rwempasha border immigration, which had been stalled. This move is expected to promote free movement and facilitate trade between the two nations.