Uganda Hands Over 22 Congolese ADF Combatants as Part of Operation Shujaa


The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) under the leadership of Commander Operation Shujaa, Maj. Gen. Dick Olum, have repatriated 22 Congolese ex-Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) combatants and received eight Ugandans from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for rehabilitation before their reintegration into their respective communities.

These ex-ADF combatants, from both sides, were captured during the ongoing Operation Shujaa in the North Kivu province of the DRC. Operation Shujaa, which commenced on November 30, 2021, aims to eradicate the Allied Democratic Forces from the eastern part of the DRC.

The operation has achieved significant successes, including airstrikes on enemy hideouts, the capture and killing of many ADF members, the recovery of weapons, and the surrender of others.

During an event held in Kasindi on the Congolese side, 22 Congolese young individuals were handed over to the DRC forces, while the Ugandan forces received eight Ugandans from their Congolese counterparts.

Maj. Gen. Dick Olum emphasized the importance of information sharing between the forces and local community members, believing that it will facilitate their work.

Regarding the progress of rescuing the Mpondwe Lhubiriha Secondary school students suspected to have been abducted, Maj. Gen. Dick Olum remains cautious about their recovery.