Uganda’s Victoria University Graduation Sees Pledge to Boost Quality Education

Victoria University Graduands

 In an effort to enhance the quality of education in Uganda, the government is considering the possibility of waiving taxes on digital equipment to facilitate students’ learning experiences. This significant development was announced by Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa during the 7th graduation ceremony at Victoria University.

The decision came following concerns raised by the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Lawrence Muganga, about the high costs associated with using technology in education. He pointed out that the heavy taxation and data expenses were making quality education less accessible for many students.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Thomas Tayebwa arriving at Victoria University’s 7th Graduation Ceremony.

Dr. Muganga used the occasion to appeal to the Ugandan business community, urging them to support and collaborate with educational institutions to nurture the country’s students. His plea emphasized the importance of private-sector involvement in enhancing the education system.

Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa addressed the graduating students and reassured them of the government’s commitment to easing access to quality education. He confirmed that the government is actively considering waiving taxes on scholastic gadgets to make educational resources more affordable for students.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Thomas Tayebwa and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Lawrence Muganga at VU’s 7th Grad.

During the event, a message from the Ministry of Education was delivered by a Deputy of Parliament. The ministry encouraged the graduates to embrace technology and innovation, recognizing their crucial role in the country’s development.

Despite the optimism surrounding the graduation ceremony, concerns were raised about the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among young people. The authorities encouraged the graduates to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to protect themselves from the virus.

The event featured several distinguished speakers, including HE Sheik Mansour bin Musaalam, who served as the keynote speaker, and Bishop Joshua Maponga III from Zimbabwe, who delivered a lecture on the principles of success.