MPs Express Disappointment with IGG’s Decision to Withdraw Charges Against UNBS Boss

Beti Kamya

Members of the parliamentary committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities, and State Enterprises (COSASE) have expressed their disappointment in the decision of the Inspectorate of Government (IGG), Beti Kamya to withdraw charges against the UNBS boss. Despite providing detailed findings with substantial evidence to implicate him, the IGG’s decision has raised concerns among the lawmakers, who view it as an indication of a lack of political will to fight corruption within the executive.

Joel Ssenyonyi, the chairperson of COSASE, has criticized the IGG’s decision, stating that it further demonstrates the government’s unwillingness to combat corruption. Earlier, the parliamentary committee investigated UNBS boss David Livingstone Ebiru on allegations of offering a 100 million shilling bribe to the UNBS board for his appointment.

The committee also uncovered the misappropriation of 9.5 billion shillings by certain UNBS staff. Instead of taking disciplinary action against the suspects, Ebiru allegedly reassigned them to different departments. Ebiru was undergoing trial at the anti-corruption court when he retracted his statement, claiming he had made it out of anger.

Ssenyonyi emphasized that COSASE possesses all the necessary evidence to implicate the accused, who had already admitted to the allegations. This sentiment was echoed by Gilbert Olanya, the chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee, who mentioned facing a similar situation.

However, some legislators, including NRM’s Felix Okot Ogongo, believe that the problem runs deeper and that it pertains to the procedures followed by the executive.