Call for Accelerated Construction of Akii-Bua Stadium in Lira City

Akii-Bua Stadium


Leaders in Lango Sub-region are urging the government to expedite the construction of Akii-Bua Stadium in Lira City. This call comes in the wake of the stadium being proposed as one of the venues for hosting the 2027 AFCON games. Local leaders believe that the completion of the stadium will not only boost sports activities but also create economic opportunities for businesses in the region.

As Uganda works towards meeting the Confederation of African Football (CAF) requirements to host AFCON 2027, leaders in Lango emphasize the importance of prioritizing the completion of the Akii-Bua Stadium. The stadium, part of a presidential pledge made in 2009, has faced delays, and local authorities assert that it is long overdue.

Situated about 2km to the East of Lira City on an 18-acre piece of land donated by the Lira District government in 2016, the Akii-Bua Stadium project received initial funding of over 800 million shillings from the government. This facilitated the commencement of initial works, such as bush clearing and the creation of access roads. However, local leaders stress that more substantial efforts are required to bring the stadium up to international standards, especially if it is to host the AFCON games.

The estimated cost for the construction of the Akii-Bua Stadium is 48 million US dollars, with several planned works to enhance its infrastructure. The National Council of Sports has established a technical working group to assess the needs of proposed game-hosting areas. Despite these efforts, Ronny Kalema, a technical officer at the Uganda Football Association (FUFA), cautions that having an international stadium does not guarantee hosting the games.

Uganda has until December 2025 to fulfill the CAF requirements before signing the hosting agreement for AFCON 2027. The completion of the Akii-Bua Stadium is seen as a crucial step in Uganda’s bid to host this prestigious football event.