Israel’s Ambassador to Uganda Asserts Continued Military Action Against Hamas in Gaza

Michael Lotem


In a recent interview with NBS Television, Israel’s Ambassador to Uganda, Michael Lotem, conveyed the nation’s commitment to ongoing military operations until the complete elimination of Hamas fighters from Gaza. Lotem emphasized that the prospect of dialogue for peace with Hamas was not currently on the table and expressed skepticism about its viability in the foreseeable future.

Lotem expressed genuine sorrow for the impact on Palestinian civilians, especially children, caught in the conflict. He noted that his sentiment contrasted with the Palestinian spokespersons, who often follow expressions of sympathy with justifications. Lotem urged the international community to exert pressure on Hamas to surrender, emphasizing that the militant group is not considered a viable partner for any peaceful negotiations.

Discussing Israel’s military strategy, Lotem highlighted the discovery of numerous Hamas tunnels, totaling 350, and outlined measures to block their entry and exit points. He noted that many of these tunnels were found in private homes, underscoring the complex challenges Israel faces in targeting military infrastructure embedded within civilian areas.

Addressing humanitarian concerns, Lotem pointed out that Israel has not received a list of hostages from Hamas and questioned why the international community has not pressured Hamas to release such a list. He reiterated Israel’s position that Hamas is not a viable partner for negotiations and that the only course of action is to neutralize the threat posed by the group.