Do You Know You Can Reap Big From Uganda’s Mining Sector?


The 90 Days of Oil and Mining was launched on 26 August 2020 by the Uganda Chamber of Mines. The campaign will run for 90 days. The aim is to bring Ugandans up to speed with the oil and mining sector.

Many Ugandans look at the sector as very sophisticated and exotic, a thing for big multinational companies. It turns out this is not the case. The sector needs both skilled and unskilled labour. The sector needs medics, lawyers, welders, miners, transport operators, writers, surveyors, data collectors and many more in equal measure.
The unemployment levels in this country can be curbed only if Ugandans strategically position themselves in the oil and mining sector.

In the 90 days of oil and mining, the conversation will be on how best Ugandans can position to ensure they benefit from the lucrative oil sector which they are entitled to because the sector wants to ensure that citizens occupy the majority of the spaces available.

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