Fundamental Issues in the Makerere University Fire


Journalist and Researcher Yusuf Sserunkuuma says the Makerere University fire that gutted the main building gives you a true picture of dysfunctionality in this country. Sserunkuuma says vehicles were coming without water, trucks as old as colonial times were on the scene. He says shows the complacency in people of Uganda since people no longer react, he says our anger is muted. He says the crime scene has been tampered with and there is no hope of conclusive investigation.

Oscar Kihika, Director of Legal NRM says the Makerere University fire shows the level of negligence by the institutions. He says the building should have had firefighting tools. He says this negligence is also on an individual level as most homes don’t preempt fire and ready for them.

Makerere University fire destroyed the most iconic building at the institution since the 1940s. It is the signature building of Makerere that doesn’t go unnoticed. Alumni who have an attachment to the building fear they may never have the same again even when replaced because it had very unique architecture.

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