President Museveni Reopens Schools for Candidates and Finalists


President Yoweri Museveni spoke to the Nation Sunday evening after a while regarding COVID 19 and he made adjustments to the guidelines.

President Museveni said schools will reopen for candidate classes for S4, S6, finalists in tertiary institutions and finalists in Universities on October 15, 2020. Museveni said that if schools follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), they will be safe.
According to him, the cost of waiting further will be higher than reopening due to the jam created by the process of transition.

The President said International Airport and land borders will now be opened for tourists, coming in and going out, provided they tested negative 72 hours before arrival in Uganda and provided the tour operators ensure that the tourists do not mix with the Ugandans. He also said returning Ugandans, who have negative PCR results, will be allowed to go home. The Ministry of Health will only get their addresses for follow up.

President Museveni also lifted restrictions on movements on border districts and maintained curfew.

Museveni said places of worship will open with only individual prayers or confessions with priests or counselling with the necessary SOPs. He also allowed for prayers and fellowships whose numbers do not exceed 70 and by observing all the other SOPs but keeping a ban on night prayers and trans night prayers.

President Museveni lifted the ban on open-air activities of sports without spectators and the players should be tested for Covid-19, 72 hours before. For indoor sports activities, including gyms, the president said they remain closed.

The president said casinos, gaming centres, bars and cinemas remain closed while hotels will continue operating following the SOPs agreed with the Ministry of Health. Restaurants should continue to emphasize takeaways. Indoor restaurant services should be minimized and follow the SOPs.
Mobile Markets, monthly cattle auction and produce markets, should remain closed as the Ministry of Health continues to develop SOPs.
President Museveni also said mass gatherings are still prohibited.

The president told Ugandans to be their health workers since they are all equipped with the necessary information. He warned that any business that doesn’t follow SOPs will be closed.