Ssegirinya Tells Off Ssebagala and Nambooze


Kawempe North Member of Parliament Latif Ssengendo Ssebagala expressed that he is taking the race for Kawempe North MP seat seriously. Ssebagala informed his opponent Muhammad Ssegirinya that he is not about to retire When he said he might retire in 2030.

Ssebagala is going independent after abandoning his Kampala Lord Mayoral ambition for the good of the opposition according to him yet he was the flagbearer for National Unity Platform (NUP). Ssebagala said Muhammad Ssegirinya needs to be patient for his turn because Parliament needs seniors like him, a position Nambooze seemed to back.

Ssegirinya protested, saying he would not attend another program that has Ssebagala and Betty Nambooze. Ssegirinya said the two are fighting for positions and not the change in Uganda yet they
castigate Museveni for overstay in power.