FDC Faction Opposes Delegates Conference



In a latest development within the FDC party, tensions have escalated as the National Chairman Wasswa Biriggwa’s decision to call for a delegates conference has sparked controversy.

The FDC Najjanakumbi faction has expressed bitterness over Biriggwa’s unilateral move, claiming that he failed to consult party structures before making the decision. The faction, represented by Deputy FDC Spokesperson, John Kikonyogo, asserts that Biriggwa should have sought input from the party headquarters regarding logistical readiness for the conference.

This decision has led to growing friction within the party, and even routine NEC meetings aimed at addressing internal issues have been put on hold due to disagreements over financial matters. Efforts to restore unity through a national council meeting held on July 28, 2023, have proven unsuccessful.

With tensions escalating, the National Chairman has now resorted to calling a delegates conference, a move that has further angered the Najjanakumbi FDC faction, which insists that proper consultation with party structures was necessary before such a decision was made.

The upcoming conference, slated for the 19th of next month, is expected to attract delegates from all districts across the country.