Bobi Wine Warns Youth Against Bribes


People Power president Robert Kyagulanyi has unveiled a student movement tasking them to push the liberation movement among the young.

“This is not going to be politics as usual, because it is not politics as usual. This is a liberation where everybody has a role, and indeed some of you have been playing the roles unknowingly. But at least we see the results, we see the dictator panicking right now,” said Honourable Kyagulanyi.

The unveiling was marked with inspirational messages to motivate the part of the 700 recruits to be prepared for what lies ahead of the struggle revealing that the students are a very special wing of this revolution, according to the People Power president.

He also warned the new recruits chosen from the 250 universities in the country about the tempting hand of corruption.

“They are going to do everything to bribe you, some among you have already been reached out to, scared of this and that because they are scared of your voice,” said Honourable Kyagulanyi.