43 Chinese Quarantined In Uganda


Ministry of Health has quarantined over 100 people who recently returned from China on suspicion that they could have come into contact with Coronavirus. The Minister of Health Jane Ruth Achieng revealed this while addressing journalists at Media Center.

She said that Uganda remains free from Coronavirus with 43/100 quarantined people being Chinese and three being registered as students. She added that they are to be quarantined for two weeks until a certificate is issued to them to allow them to mix up with the communities.

The Minister defended this action saying that this is because the Coronavirus has an incubation period of two weeks. “We cannot quarantine everybody in one place because some people may already be incubating, others may be free, it is important that we quarantine you in your home”.

Minister Ruth Achieng says that this will enable the guarantees to be able to receive food, but also teaching themselves to be responsible because they have family, friends and inlaws living amongst them.