Abubaker Kawalya New KCCA Speaker


Independent candidate Abubaker Kawalya is the newly appointed Speaker of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) beating Doreen Nyanjura with a small margin of three votes.

“In accordance to the KCCA act 2020, I declare Kawalya Abubaker the elected candidate”, said Chief Magistrate Mariam Akello.

Kawalya once belonged to the FDC party but due to his affiliation to People Power, Doreen Nyanjura was instead presented by FDC as their favourite candidate to represent the party.

NRM’s Bruhani Byaruhanga joins Kawalya in celebrations as he won Deputy Speakership with 18 votes pledging to work with the Speaker to ensure impartiality within the council at all times.

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