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Norbert Mao: I visited Bududa during the last serious landslides in 2010, it’s very sad, we have the capacity to predict these kinds of disasters by empowering our communities to cope. We can’t predict the weather much but we should always have the capacity to respond
Town clerk accused of incompetence, abuse of office.
FDC has held parallel independence celebrations at their headquarters which they intend to hold annually. The party says that next year they will be matching to the Kololo Independence grounds as part of their activities. Government was critiqued to have rundown the true spirit of independence,good of just a...
Gerald Matembu: Mbale produced the first speaker of Uganda during post-independence that's why the town is significant
I don’t know if this is a drainage channel or not because all I see is Kaveera and clogging. People are cleaning their immediate surrounding(which is good) but they end up dumping the rubbish in the drainage channels.
Following the Ghetto youth fund, youth in Mbale are bitter that president M7 only thought about Kampala, they urge him to extend these funds to other parts of the country because they also have ghettos.
This year's theme: Enhancing value addition through industrialization
Kalandazzi swamp on Masaka road has now become a serious black spot. In a period of just 12 months, over 14 people have lost their lives in the same place.
Uganda Human Rights Commission To Commemorate The Constitution Day
In Arua 34 treason suspects are expected to appear in court today. The court is slated to start at 9 am but we already have people streaming in.
Last evening, Toyota showroom on 2nd street industrial area caught fire, with yet an idea about what exactly caused the fire, investigations are still ongoing. Everything is in total shambles. But the management says that after investigations are concluded, they’ll hold a press conference and inform the public about...
Mistrust among Democratic Party members continues to create factions and split-outs within the party.
Hakim Kanyere: In Jinja, a section of FDC supporters celebrated the departure of the Muntu camp over the weekend. They have denounced the Jinja East MP Paul Mwiru saying that his close ties to Muntu signifies his departure.
Bichachi: I think that even before Muntu went out for consultations, the delegates had already made their decision and he should have respected that.