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Bobi Wine Visits his Battered Supporters in Hospital.
Sabiti Joseph: The issue right now is that many people think that they’re right, we need to have a conversation around this, it’s important to have a balanced political ground.
Solomon Muyita: Everyone is welcome and all services will be free of charge, the institutions will make the contributions whatever it is. The URA tax payer's week is happening from 26th-28th of September at Kololo Independence grounds.
Tamale Mirundi analyzes the week's major stories.
Paula Nahamya: The latest trip coming up is in December. It is a discounted family and friends trip you wouldn't want to miss.
Mildred: I think we need to get out of the reactive mode. AIGP Kaweesi was killed and SIM cards were registered, Col. Abiriga was killed and hoods were banned, Kirumira has been killed and now we have to register boda bodas...
23rd Empango Celebrations live in Fort Portal - Spot Check
Mbale Property Owners Protest Bad Roads
Poor Waste Management a Challenge to Soroti.
Over 40 Homes Share One Toilet in Ganda
High Typhoid Cases Worry Kamwenge Residents
Crowded Fuel Stations Pose Risk.
Lira People Embrace a Mango Tree Salon.