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Hon. Moses Balyeku: The yellow camp has been growing stronger and stronger ever since we launched the campaigns and as I speak today, we’re leading and we’re certain we shall achieve victory come Thursday.
Ibrahim Bbosa: For immediate effect, the sale of new sim-cards has been put on hold, if the system is in place today, we shall begin the sale of airtime today, if it’s done in a month, then we shall be patient and wait for the system.
Canary Mugume: The sewage and water pipelines that had been there for more than 80 years couldn’t hold the sewage from Upper Kololo anymore. But we want to come to a conclusion that the new pipelines were actually installed.
Is he resigning as ordered by a section of NRM members?
Meet Caroline a Community and Hospital Pharmacist.
Museveni Tasks Police to Handle Kidnaps and condemns Domestic Abuse Against Women.
Parents and School proprietors in Busia district are wondering what next, especially after government closed their schools. They are wondering why public Schools, which are in more dire conditions, remain open. David Ochienge tells this story.
Majority Ugandans seem to be resorting to herbal medicine, even without seeking attention from medical doctors. And this of course is raising debate as to whether herbal medicine if more effective or actually people are simply looking for alternatives. Ruth Nantaba tells this story.
Investments sometime come with several opportunities that such investments normally present. But in Mbale, much as many are hoping to get jobs from the Mbale Investment Park, some residents are still demanding for compensation.
The creation of new districts in the country has left quite many in mummers of the significance of those created districts and if the core target – service delivery is achievable with the creations. But as the talk goes on, someone is making a catch out of this. Sheila...
Now as Uganda’s capital city Kampala continues to experience significant urban and economic growth, informal development in unplanned areas is putting a strain on its natural environment. This in the end is eroding the vital ecosystem services it provides. Paul Kayonga tells the story of how city dwellers are...
Mothers are responsible for protecting, nurturing, and caring for their children at all costs. But the responsibilities of mothering while living with a chronic and stigmatizing illness like HIV can be overwhelming. And for 42-year-old Scolostika Akol, her condition is not any different, as she is struggling to educate...
Women in Karamoja continue to be left behind in terms of education, employment and general empowerment. An ordinary woman in Karamoja plays a role to construct the house, and at the same time ensure that there is food on the table for the family. Advocates say Karamoja women deserve...