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The president was the one intimidating us with security, they brought too many soldiers, all villages were filled with soldiers. They brought those big guns and when villagers see these, they get scared.
“In economics, it’s not the nominal salary you get that matters. It’s the nominal divide by prices. So if prices are going up & nominal is not increasing, your actual money in terms of what you need to survive is going down” - Dr Fred Muhumuza, Economist
Uganda Martyrs day 20918, Rukungiri by-election, 2018/2019 budget, Government re-introduces speed governors on the roads
“I said I won’t use my money to guard results. The 1% I got was carried by President Museveni & the EC because I never put in agents. If I’d put in agents, maybe it would have risen to 5%” - Prof. Venansius Baryamureba, Former VC Makerere University
Land Probe tenure extended, Flying squad torture allegations
Patrick Onyango: Charles Berwanaho was arrested on the 7th of August 2016 because his file had been filed with cases of forgery and others. What we did was arrest him and on the 9th he appeared before Buganda road court and he was remanded. Charles Berwanaho: I’m not surprised...
Ben Ongom: The state of roads in Gulu is the same as in other districts, people are still struggling with the road network and no proper drainage. The roads that link to other districts are worse.
For decades of Uganda’s colonial and postcolonial reign, Port Bell, Uganda’s biggest water transport facility on Lake Victoria dominated regional and international trade patterns. The port that fetched, at it’s prime over 2 billion shillings monthly, has since been reduced to a shed of buildings and a shadow of...
Residents most especially road users in Namayingo district are threatening a violent demonstration over a bad roads in the town council. They say that the town council is not bothered about the bad roads including the one in front of the council offices that is now impassable. Sylvester Oundo...