Norbert Mao: The State needs the media and the media needs the state. There are contradictions that are normal between the state and the media. The media also has its pulse in the people. This regime is being challenged by people who used to praise it.
Hon. Musumba: As the party I offer leadership to, I said I would win and lose with my candidate Musema Bruce. I lost because the people of Arua chose to present Wadri as their candidate.
Hon. Musumba: FDC is intact, we have a robust party, a viable party, a competitive one that has the right leadership at the top and the bottom.
Hon. David Bahati: We moved this amendment in December 2017, we again moved it as a bill in April and it was pushed to the committee of finance which called upon stakeholders and then it moved to parliament before it was passed.
The panel dissect and analyze the 2018/19 National budget.