Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exams commence today.


Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exams commence today, and over 349,445 candidates are expected to sit for exams. They will start with Maths today.

More than hard work there is luck. We wish all the candidates who are beginning their final exams today the very best and good luck!

Senior Four students commence their UCE exams today. What do you remember about the first day of the UCE exams in your time?

We have 349,445 candidates sitting for the UCE examinations, which are starting today, and out of these, 50.3% are male, while 49.7% are female – Jennifer Kalule, Spokes person of UNEB

We are grateful to conduct examinations in Kasanda and Mubende after consultations yesterday.

By the grace of God, after consultations yesterday, UNEB was allowed to conduct examinations in those two districts. We were able to deliver the examination there last evening.

We ask the schools to please allow the candidates who have registered to sit for their examinations. If they haven’t paid by the time of the release of examinations, give us the names, and

@UNEB_UG shall withhold their results temporarily.

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